Sports Ground Seed Mixtures

We supply a wide range of sports seeds and grass mixtures for all types of sports played on a grass surfaces. Todays groundsman and greenkeepers face an exceptional task. Closed seasons are becoming ever shorter, whilst at the same time levels of play are constantly increasing. Fortunately, construction techniques have improved along with the amenity grass cultivars and seed mixtures available.

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Stadium sports field grass

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Playing Fields

High wear tolerant grass seed mixtures designed for large areas of public use such as school playing fields, recreation areas, children's parks and general use playing fields.

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Football and Rugby

Football and rugby pitches produce very high demands on grass seed. The mixtures here are designed to provide the high wear tolerance and rapid repair and establishment demanded by football and rugby pitches.

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Golf Tees and Fairways

Grass seed mixtures designed for Golf Courses requiring to renovate or reseed Fairways and Rough. These mixtures provide a fine dense playing surface, resistance to wear under close mowing, and rapid establishment from divot repairs. 

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Golf and Bowling Greens

Golf and Bowling greens require grass seed mixtures with high percentages of Fescues and Bents to achieve thick dense swards which can be closely mown to provide a velvety smooth, wear tolerant, accurate playing surface.

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Cricket Wicket and Tennis

Grass seed mixtures designed for the high wear tolerance demanded by cricket wickets and lawn tennis courts. Cricket outfield mixtures are available here also.

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