Lawns and Landscaping

Our lawns and landscaping grass seed range contains popular mixtures used throughout the industry. All the varieties we sell are listed on the STRI listings, so you know the seed is all tested and certified.  From Fylde Seeds you will receive excellent quality and service. 

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Hard Wearing Lawn Seed

Hard wearing lawn seed mixtures are for lawns or open spaces which receive  a lot of wear from walking, running, children playing, pets, camping or vehicles and machinery. They include a high percentage of perennial dwarf ryegrass seeds, for rapid  establishment with  year-round toughness.

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Ornamental Lawn

These slow-growing seeds have dense swards which can be mown tightly for beautiful, ornamental effect. Whilst looking great once established these mixtures are not very tolerant of wear.

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Shaded Area Lawn Seed

Shaded area lawn seeds are carefully selected for their ability to thrive in areas with low light, such as areas shaded by neighbouring buildings, fences, trees and bushes. such areas often have low nutrient levels tolerated by these mixtures.

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We’ve a great range of landscaping needs, so whatever large area you need to cover, you’ll find we’ve got your needs met. Whether working with large lawns, DoT roadside embankments, or housing and office areas, there’s something in our selection for you. If you’re not sure what you need, or can’t find what you’re looking for, call us on 01772 684203 and we’ll help you out.

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Reclamation Seed Mixtures

Here at Fylde Seeds you know our expertly mixed reclamation seeds will get you the most out of land that may be unsuitable for other grasses. They can grow in tougher conditions of drought, acid or alkali soils or poor fertility. These seeds are ideal for growing grass upon old industrial land, or other reclaimed land with soils that other seeds won't thrive upon. 

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Drought Tolerant, Wet Areas, and Coastal

These seed mixtures are designed to be used effectivly in areas with specific conditions where other seeds may not thrive.

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Amenity Fertiliser

In order to assist with the establishment and maintenance of amenity turf grass it is important to incorporate the prudent use of fertilisers in any project planning, development and maintenance programmes. Fylde Seeds offers a selection of fertilisers to aid the successful establishment and healthy growth of our amenity grass seed range. These have been specially formulated with the Landscaper and Turf Manager in mind, all products are supplied in easy...

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