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From £19.85 Per 2kg bag
Emerald Multiscape seed bags

Emerald Multiscape

EMERALD MULTISCAPE is our best selling grass seed mixture for lawns, producing reasonably hard wearing very attractive lawn.Suitable for both front and rear gardens. This mixture contains dwarf perennial ryegrass to provide rapidly establishing durability to the lawn, whilst finer grasses like chewings fescue create a more desirable look. Suitable for quality domestic lawns, office blocks and public open spaces.This seed can be used for new sowing, over seeding or repairs to existing lawns.


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Price £69.30 Per 15kg bag
HSG Multicut seeds

Aber HSG 2 Multicut

Aber HSG 2 Multi Cut is a specialist silage mixture for farmers aiming to produce large quantities of leafy high-quality silage from multiple cuts during the period of peak grass growth.
The mixture contains intermediate and late heading Aber High Sugar Grass varieties that provide abundant early season growth, and maintain quality and yield throughout the season. A balance of diploid and tetraploid varieties provides the optimum combination of good ground cover, persistency, high D-value and outstanding silage yields.
Aber HSG 2 Multi Cut is suited to an early May first cut, frequent following cuts, with three cuts in the clamp by mid-to-late June. Swards will be suitable for late season grazing if required.

  • Ideal for frequent early season cutting whilst avoiding stemmy later season growth
  • Very high ME yield/ha
  • Combines outstanding silage performance with dense and persistent sward
  • Suitable for combination with 4-5 year Aber red clovers
  • Aber High Sugar Grass content enhances silage fermentation


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Price £46.00 Per 10kg bag
Horse Max Paddock seeds

HorseMax Paddock

Horsemax is a long term grass seed mixture which has been formulated to support the diverse demands horses place on a sward. A horse paddock may have to provide a source of food but also an exercise area. Couple this with the need to produce some winter forage and it is obvious why some horse paddocks look completely bare by the end of the summer season.Provides good quality palatable yet low sugar swards, dense and  hard wearing. Fescues reduce sward damage from hooves Will make excellent hay for winter feed. This mixture can be used for overseeding.

  • Very good sward density
  • Suitable for a hay crop if desired
  • Hard wearing sward
  • No tetraploids as high sugar grass can lead to laminitis
  • An extremely versatile equine mixture



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From £29.80 Per 5kg bag
Greenscape seed bags


Greenscape is a hard wearing mixture that will establish rapidly. Ideal for general purpose landscaping & lawns. Our unique 4turf Tetraploid ryegrass delivers fast establishment, improved colour, increased drought tolerance and incredible disease resistance. Improving performance and reducing management costs. Contains only STRI UK listed cultivars.




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Price £42.50 Per 10kg bag
Traditional Game Cover Mixture bags

Traditional Game Cover Mixture

Traditional Game Cover is a very traditional mixture of species selected for their feed and cover qualities. This mix is designed for a full season of cover that will provide holding, feed and cover for all game birds. The sunflowers provide an attractive splash of colour. Due to variance in seed size broadcast to achieve optimum establishment but ensure good seed to soil contacts the treated seed is covered by harrowing and rolling. This mixture also attracts wild birds and bees.

Treated with fungicide

Sow April - June

1 year duration

Utilise September - February

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Price £40.00 Per 1kg bag
Cornfield Annuals

Cornfield Annuals

CORNFIELD ANNUALS is a traditional range of wild flower mixture providing a colourful show in the first year, suitable for a range of soils, spring or autumn sown. Can be harrowed and re-sown in subsequent years alternatively the grasses can be left and managed as with a “long grass” policy or incorporated into a more regular moving regime.

Proflora 1

ConcertTent          RHS Bee FC1 N

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From £91.50 Per 10kg bag
Traditional Green grass seeds

Traditional Green

Traditional Green is an ideal mixture for greens renovation providing rapid germination, a fine putting surface and excellent year round colour. The addition of the top rated new tenuis bentgrass Manor further improves colour and disease resistance.



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Price £76.60 Per 20kg bag
Playing Field grass seeds

Playing Field

PLAYING FIELD includes the introduction of New Double 4Turf tetraploid ryegrass introduces the latest World cup genetics from DLF, delivering fast establishment, improved colour, drought tolerance, nitrogen efficiency and incredible disease resistance! A good quality, economical sports field renovation mixture. Contains only STRI UK listed cultivars. Delivers results & value.



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Price £97.60 Per 20kg bag
Tee and Fairway grass seed bags

Tee and Fairway

TEE and FAIRWAY  mixture is based on traditional blend of fine grasses.  The inclusion of Miracle smooth stalked meadow grass greatly improves tolerance to wear and drought, especially important where perennial ryegrasses are undesirable.



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Price £56.50 Per 40kg bag
6:9:6 Pre Seed 40kg

6:9:6 Pre Seed 40kg

USE: Mainly in pre-seed situations (spring and autumn) to promote a healthy and vigorous root system. Can also be used as an economical feed for existing turf.

Pro Fert 1


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Price £97.80 Per 20kg bag
Ecosward Seeds


Ecosward mixtures have been developed to reduce input costs and be kind to the environment by eliminating the need for excessive fertiliser, water and herbicide. Adding new Microclover to the mixture naturally fixes nitrogen for the grasses while significantly increasing drought tolerance and disease resistance. Produces a visually attractive, dark green turf.



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Price £72.50 Per 15kg bag
AberXtend HSG seed bags

AberXtend HSG

With AberXtend HSG  you can extend your grazing season, without compromising persistence, grazing yield and grazing quality.
AberXtend HSG is the Aber HSG mixture for livestock farmers aiming to increase yields and lengthen the grazing season. The Recommended Lists in both the UK and Ireland show how varieties such as AberDart HSG and AberGain HSG top the lists for spring and autumn performance, but there is absolutely no compromise on the other main performance criteria, with top scores for grazing D-value, ME yield and overall dry matter yields. With the appropriate management, AberXtend HSG can perform to a high standard for 5 – 7 years.

  • Mixture averages an outstanding 109% of control varieties on the Recommended List for early grazing yield and 111% for autumn production
  • The best Aber HSG perennial grasses selected for spring and autumn yield
  • Outstanding season-long yield and quality
  • High palatability and dry matter intakes
  • Reduced nitrogen losses to the environment


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Price £93.00 Per 25kg bag
FS Cut & Graze Rejuvenation seeds

FS Cut & Graze Rejuvenation

F S Cut and Graze Rejuvenation is an overseeding grass seed mixture providing a full four years production. This mixture is ideal for stock or weather damaged fields using  vigorous, persistant large seed varieties which will strike well. Replaces tired unproductive thin or worn swards to maximize forage production and nitrogen use. Seed to soil contact is all important so is best sown after a hard harrowing in early spring, or when the sward is open following cutting. Rolling will improve the take. One 25kg bag will oversow 2.5 acres.


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Price £52.00 Per 14kg bag
FS High Sugar Cut & Graze seeds

FS High Sugar Cut & Graze

F S High Sugar Cut and Graze is a medium to long term mixture (4 - 5 years) which will deliver both quality and yield for both cutting and grazing, the hybrid element will provide quality leafy grass for at least two cuts from mid May onwards whilst the later perennials combine persistency and density for later grazing for all livestock. The inclusion of a high percentage of Aber High Sugar Grasses will increase palatability, ME, and protein  intake for both ensiling and grazing.


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Price £56.40 Per 14kg bag
Fylde seeds bag

FS Later Cut & Graze with Clover

F S Later Cut and Graze with Clover is a long term (5 years plus) mixture for farmers who are aiming for two very high quality silage cuts mid to late May, followed by the best possible grazing. The balance of diploid and tetraploid grasses will produce a thick dense highly palatable sward with good bottom. Including of a high percentage of Aber High Sugar Grasses will increase palatability, ME, and protein  intake for both ensiling and grazing. Without doubt this mixture will deliver.


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Agricultural Seed Mixtures

In this section you will find a wide range of grass seed mixtures to suit all your agricultural requirements. From fast growing westerwolds and catchcrops through medium term cutting and intensive grazing mixtures to permanent pasture and haylage. As well as our own excellent seed mixtures we have ForageMax mixtures from DLF Trifolium, and Aber HSG Mixtures from Germinal.

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From £52.00 Per 14kg bag
Black and white cow

Sports Ground Seed Mixtures

Specialist grass seed mixtures are required to provide the optimum playing surface for many outdoor sports. Here greenkeepers can buy quality hard wearing grass seed mixtures for recreational or playing fields, football and rugby pitches, golf fairways and tees, Fescue and Bent mixtures provide dense close mown surfaces for golf and bowling greens. Cricket ground and tennis court mixtures are here also. Amenity fertiliser is available to purchase from the landscaping section.

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Stadium sports field grass
From £18.60 Per 2kg bag

Wild Flower Mixtures

Why not bring beauty and colour to your garden or landscaping project, In this section you will find various Wildflower mixtures. Either 100% Wild Flora or mixed with non invasive grasses.

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From £40.00 Per 1kg bag
Summer blooming flower

Lawns and Landscaping Mixtures

Buy hard wearing, ornamental, or shaded areas lawn seeds here, along with a wide choice of grass seed mixtures to meet all landscaping, special situation and reclamation needs.

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From £19.85 Per 2kg bag
Ride on lawn mower
From £18.60 Per 2kg bag
Popular hard wearing seeds bags

Popular Hard Wearing

From £19.85 Per 2kg bag
Emerald Multiscape seed bags

Emerald Multiscape

Handful of grass seeds pouring onto field
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