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Your Guide to Lawn Seeds

Ever wondered how the neighbour gets their lawn looking so fresh and green, whilst yours is the victim of another harsh winter? It might not be your lawn care strategy at all!

Many people assume that most grass seeds are similar, when in fact there are different types for a wide range of purposes. Read on for a basic guide to lawn seeds:

Hard-Wearing Lawn Seed

You’ll need hard-wearing lawn seed if you’ve got young children or animals. You’ll know how quickly they can tear up the grass and leave a muddy path in their wake. Hard-wearing lawn seeds are your best chance at keeping your garden green.

Ornamental Lawn Seed

Wide blades of grass in rich greens usually come from ornamental lawn seeds. They look spectacular, but they’re not made to withstand the paws of the family puppy. If you want a lawn that could rival your local golf course, then ornamental lawn seed is the perfect choice for you.

Tolerant Lawn Seed

In very specific conditions, it’s possible to buy lawn seed that can withstand periods of drought, excessive moisture and even salt for gardens near the coast.

Shaded Area Lawn Seed

If your garden is shaded by fences, trees or even your own house, you can buy lawn seed that will thrive without direct sunlight.

Wildflower Grass Seeds

To some people, wildflowers are unwanted weeds. To others, they’re a beautiful addition to a garden or open space. For that ‘meadow’ look, buy wildflower grass seed with native or non-native flowers.

Where to Buy:

You’ll be able to buy all of the above types of lawn seed from FyldeSeeds.co.uk, along with seeds suitable for a variety of sports pitches, low-quality soils and horse paddocks. With free delivery, Fylde Seeds are an unbeatable choice for lawn seed delivery.