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FS Cutting & Grazing Rejuvenation

FYLDE SEEDS CUTTING and GRAZING REJUVENATION This is an overseeding grass seed mixture providing a full four years production. The hybid Sterling is a cool active grass meaning that it will continue to grow in colder weather giving earlier spring bite, and longer autumn grazing.

Ideal for stock or weather damaged fields
Latest vigourous varieties that strike well
Replaces tired unproductive thin or worn swards

Maximises nitrogeon use

One 25kg bag will oversow 2.5 acres.
Base price £85.00


  • 33% STERLING Cool Active Hybrid
  • 33% FLURIEL Hybrid
  • 17% AUBISQUE Intermediate tet
  • 17% PREMIUM Intermediate dip

Sowing rate 10kg/acre