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DLF Versamax Permanent Pasture

14kg Bag This is a long term mixture blended to provide persistancy, good ground cover, winter hardiness, disease resistance and to be productive throughout the season.
Base price £61.00

A proven hard wearing long term mixture.

Suitable for grazing cattle or sheep with the option of cutting if required.

Excellent early spring growth allows early turnout.

High proportion of diploids will tolerate hard sheep grazing.

Timothy increases yield in cold wet springs and ensures palatable summer forage.


  • 3kg BUTARA 1 Intermediate dip
  • 2kg CATABI 1 Intermediate tet
  • 3kg ROMARK Late dip
  • 1.5kg CALVANO1 Intermediate dip
  • 2kg MAURICE Late tet
  • 1.5kg WINNETOU Timothy
  • 1kg WHITE CLOVER Dual pupose blend

Sowing rate 14kg/acre

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