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DLF Versamax Allstock

14kg Bag This cutting and grazing mixture provides a long term (5 years plus) pasture that is very versatile in its use. Persistence, resistance to disease and the ability to survive constant defoliation ensures sustained performance from this mixture.
Base price £53.30

Good early spring growth.

High yields under both conservation and grazing.

Later varieties more suited to grazing.

Timothy for extra palatability,summer production and winter hardiness.

Will provide a high quality hay if required.

Dual purpose white clover added.


  • 4kg PREMIUM Intermediate dip
  • 2.5kg GODALI 1 Intermediate tet
  • 3kg TWYSTAR Late dip
  • 3kg TIVOLI Late tet
  • 1kg CLIMAX Timothy
  • 0.5kg CHIEFTAN Medium Leaf White Clover

Sowing rate 14kg/acre

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